Educating Children

Is there anyone here who does not have a dream? All of us have dreams. Have all our dreams happened? You have to wake up from your dream to make it happen.

Once before, I went to a school, they asked me to give a talk to the students of year 12, and it was an Islamic school. So I asked the teachers, what is the problem of the students? They said:

1- No aims
2- No Acklaq (Morality)
3- No study

Then I said, please wait a minute! If no aims, no Acklaq, no Adab (good behaviour), then what type of Islamic school is this?

Anyway, I talked to them (students), I said: What is your aim in life, what is your dream? They were looking at each other and then one of them said: I want to be a sergeant. I asked: How are you going to do that? He said: I do not know but I hope to do it.

Do you know why? is it his problem? no dream, no one install dream, no one tell him, the parents busy with their life, preparing food, cloths, spoiling them, and then they become like an ATM-machine for them. When the husband and wife have a problem then the children will be affected badly, of course, they will have no dream. I have heard so many stories, children told me, after seeing my parents’ life, I do not want to get married.

I give you an example, it was a school, in the graduation day, the number one student of the school came from India, He gave a talk, He said: my family decided to migrate for a better future for us.

But when I came to the environment of the school, I found difficulties, because people were bullying me. Because of my skin colour, accent, the way I talk. That makes me dream to be the best and to show those people that they are wrong. It’s not the skin colour or where you came from, it’s your dream and the dream to happen.

He said: therefore, I worked hard, and now I am giving a talk to all of you, to say I’m the best, no one can bully me now. I did this for two things, for my parents to say that they invested good investment, to say to others that they are wrong, and for myself that I have dreamed and make the dream happened.

This is something great, the dream happened from nowhere to everywhere.

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